All of our Built in fireplaces are constructed from only the best A grade materials available. Manufactured from quality 3mm mild steel – it carries a 20 years warranty – covering workmanship. Our built-in fireplaces offer a double-skinned body to ensure quality and durability, integrating a convection system enabling a duel heating function. when Installing any of our built-in units it not only offers you the coziness that only a wood burning fireplace can provide, but also the classic ambiance associated with our products.

Available in mild steel, 3cr12 or 304 stainless steel or a combination.

Built in Fireplaces are available in the following sizes:
600mm, 700mm, 850mm, 1050mm and 1200mm


Build-in Fireplaces Include:
3mm steel body, radiant and convectional system, flue gather, adjustable damper, grate with loose fitting fire grid and ash pan.

 Optional extras: clip on firescreen, flue, cowl and base

Convection System included

All of our Built in Fireplaces includes a convection system, drawing in cold air from the bottom heating it up in the convection chamber situated in the back of the fireplace and introducing it back into the room as hot air.