STAINLESS STEEL BRAAIS | Built in | Freestanding


 Our Stainless Steel Braais are constructed entirely from only the best grade 304 Stainless steel,

as this grade is coastal friendly and also produces a good quality finish.

Stainless Steel Braais - Built-in Spit

304 S/S Built-in Spit Braai – Available in 1200mm & 1500mm Models


Standard Stainless steel  Built in Braais:


All Deluxe  Built-in & Freestanding Braais available
in 304 Grade stainless

  304 Stainless Steel Built-in Braai

304 Stainless steel  Deluxe Built-in Braai


Stainless Steel is distinguished in the following most common used qualities:

Grade 316 – more commonly known as “Marine” grade.

This is the best quality Stainless Steel due to the ideal balance between Chrome and Nickel and a more expensive stainless,

therefore generally not considered for use when manufacturing Stainless steel braais or fireplaces.

The facade – Frame & doors made from 316 Grade Stainless steel,

can be added a to a Mild steel Braai in order to enhance the appearance.


Grade 304 – more commonly used for Stainless steel braais and accessories.

This material is a bit more affordable for the general use of braai products.
304 is the most versatile and the most widely used of all stainless steels.Its chemical composition, mechanical properties, weld-ability and corrosion resistance provide the best all-round performance.
Consequently Braais made from 304 Stainless  are suitable for outdoor or coastal installation.


Grade 3CR12 – it is fair to say that this is a generic grade.

It is in actual fact a lesser grade of stainless and is not very coastal friendly. Due to the high content of mild steel present in 3CR12, it cannot be treated with the same chemicals (acid treatment) as 304 to produce a polished finish.

Braai’s made from this grade is normally coated with a layer of paint to finish the product. Hence 3CR12 is more appropriate to a non coastal environment and as a result  will be more fitting to your budget.


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