1.5m Spit Braai

R 37,271.00

Built-in Spit Braais includes:

3 & 5 mm Steel Body – (Durable Workmanship)
LRG Ember maker – (Reinforced)
Stainless steel Braai Grid – (LRG)
Scraper tool – (Distribute New Embers)
Potjie hook – (Hang Cast iron Pot)
Light fitting – (Evening Entertaining)
Ashpan – (Distribution of Embers)
Ash removal tray – (Easy Cleaning)
Ash trap -(Easy Cleaning)
Double doors – (Neat when closed)
2 x Chains. – (Support work space)
Spit Cabinet – (Housing for Spit moter)
Spit Motor – (Profesional – Heavy Duty)
Spit Arm – (Heavy Duty with prongs)

Frequently Bought Together | Unit + 1.2m Flue + Cowl

1200 Built in Spit Braai++
Price for all:   R 41,811.00


Available in: 1.2m & 1.5m

When acquiring this top of the range Spit unit
you not only receive the normal functions of a
Super Deluxe braai!

You will now also be able to prepare a Whole lamb
on the spit! Roasting it to perfection
– succulent & tasty – just the way you like.
We recommend 304 Stainless Steel for coastal areas or within wet conditions.

Additional information

Weight 350 kg
Dimensions 1945 × 695 × 925 mm

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